Our only goal is to put the right person in the right plans for their needs. Whether it is Individual, Family, Self-Employed, or Small Business, we will take the time to consider all the variables that go into the health plan that best meets the needs of your particular situation.


Once we know where you need to be to meet your needs, we will help assist you throughout the challenges of the enrollment process. Whether it is gathering you and your family’s information, or following up with your employees for completed applications, or making sure that all the paperwork is completed and submitted properly, we will work with you from your initial decision through the completed process and beyond.


We are here to help you address your ongoing struggles with your health care throughout the year. Whether it is as personal as a problem with your prescription, or as general as a change in the health care laws, we will help you understand and resolve the health care issues that affect you directly. Our customer service team is standing by to help find a solution to all your health care challenges.