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MBhealth is a health insurance agency servicing the St. Louis area and Southern Illinois. We are here to help you find the healthcare plan that is best for you and your family.

“For over 20 years Mike and his team have taken excellent care of my family and my business. While consistently helping us to manage our costs he has always provided the type of personal service that is truly second to none.”

Greg Johnston, President, Thumbs-Up Marketing
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Who We Are

Mike Butz
Mike Butz
Mike Butz has devoted his faith filled career to counseling individuals, families and small businesses through the health insurance decision making process. He believes that choosing healthcare coverage does not have to be stressful or confusing. Mike and his team of advisors are ready to guide you through the enrollment process and are available for any follow-up issues that arise. In addition to advising those clients under age 65, Mike is a certified advisor for Medicare eligible individuals. Mike is also a member of the Life Insurance Underwriting Training Counsel and can offer you a variety of strategies for your life, disability and long term care insurance needs. Mike and his wife Kim have 5 children and live in Fenton. They attend and are active in the First Baptist Church of Fenton.
Daniel Jung
Daniel Jung
Daniel Jung has been in health insurance for over 15 years. His experience has ranged from customer service to management at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. In 2010 Dan joined Mike Butz as an Independent agent to help him serve the needs of new and existing customers. Dan and his wife Pamela live in Columbia IL with their two sons Austin and Braden. The years at MB Health have been the best of Dan’s career because he has gotten back to what insurance is all about…the client. With a daily goal of Faith, Family and Business, Dan is here to help with any health insurance needs for people in Missouri or Illinois.
Robert Seay
Robert Seay
Robert Seay has been in the health insurance industry since 1988 in a variety of roles including paying, investigating, and auditing claims. In 2005 he took his experience in the insurance field to the next level and joined with Mike Butz as an Independent Agent. His primary focus is helping Medicare eligible individuals find the right plan for them, but he also assists individuals, families, self-employed and small business owners in navigating the complex world of health insurance. Robert has been married to Tricia for more than 18 years and they have two children and two grandchildren. He is also very active in the First Baptist Church of Fenton.
Jane Barber
Jane Barber
Jane Barber began working for Mike Butz & the Crawford-Butz Insurance Agency in 1997. During her many years she fine-tuned the customer service end of the Life and Health Insurance Department. In 2013 when Mike created his own agency, MB Health, Jane was pleased to join him as Executive Office Assistant. Jane is an expert at both solving customer service problems and account management, and appreciates the solid relationships Mike Butz emphasizes with his many clients. Jane and her husband Loy have been married 36 years and reside in the Holly Hills neighborhood of South St. Louis. She enjoys working in her garden, traveling and sampling restaurants with friends.


Is there a cost to your services?2019-07-08T23:05:35+00:00

One of the things that changed in the health care industry is the way agents and agencies are paid. In order for us to maintain the level and quality of service that you expect from us, and that we have come to expect of ourselves, we do have account fees that are charged annually.  These fees includes all the access and services mentioned here on the website and more.

When do I need to contact you in order to get started?2019-07-08T23:05:28+00:00

NOW is the perfect time for us to start assessing your particular situation, so contact us today.

When should I consider additional products?2019-07-13T02:19:17+00:00

Insurance products are different from major medical health insurance plans such as long term care, disability, and travel insurance. They will not protect you from the individual mandate’s fee for not being insured, but they can be paired with a major medical health insurance plan in order to give you more benefits or fill in gaps where your plan does not cover you. You may hear these insurance products referred to as ancillary benefits, and they can be bought independently from a health insurance plan, or in addition to one.

What networks and doctors will best meet my family’s needs?2019-07-11T14:15:29+00:00

Your network and the doctors you can use will vary on your insurance provider and plan. We will help you tailor a plan that is best for your health and your wallet.

Is it better to be on exchange or off?2019-07-13T02:20:35+00:00

We work with you to determine where you should shop for coverage. If you qualify for a subsidy and choose to use it on your health plan, then shopping on-exchange is your best option. Roughly 3.5% of the population in the USA qualify for financial assistance. If you don’t qualify for a subsidy, the advantages of shopping off-exchange are substantial. The number one benefit of shopping off-exchange is greater plan choice.


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