There are many factors to consider when choosing the right group health insurance plan for your business. Let’s find the right plan that meets the needs and size of your business. Contact MBhealth to start the process!

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Information About Group Health Insurance

Finding the right group health insurance plan can be a daunting task. MBhealth is here to answer your questions and help you find the right plan for your business. Understanding some of the basics will help you get started.

Group health insurance is designed for businesses with 1 or more employees. Finding the right group health insurance plan will help your employees pay for health care expenses. MBhealth can help you find the right plan.

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Protecting the full health of your business means more than just protecting yourself; it means protecting all the employees who help make your success possible on a daily basis. If your employees are uninsured, and can’t get the care they need, they risk losing financial security and even marketability, and you risk losing their productivity and loyalty. Now is the perfect time to begin exploring your options for coverage. There is just too much at risk to leave all of you exposed.

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A Medical plan is only the first step in coverage for all of the health challenges that may disrupt the lives of your employees. Many people are not aware that timely dental and vision care can uncover many of your body’s medical issues before they present themselves medically.

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Resources for Employers

Here are a few helpful resources to help you better understand health care.

MBhealth FAQs

Our healthcare consultants will be by your side to make sure all your questions are asked and answered. Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Is there a cost to your services?2019-10-30T19:09:14+00:00

One of the things that changed in the health care industry is the way agents and agencies are paid. In order for us to maintain the level and quality of service that you expect from us, and that we have come to expect of ourselves, we do have account fees that are charged annually.  These fees includes all the access and services mentioned here on the website and more.

When do I need to contact you in order to get started?2019-07-08T23:05:28+00:00

NOW is the perfect time for us to start assessing your particular situation, so contact us today.

When should I consider additional products?2019-07-13T02:19:17+00:00

Insurance products are different from major medical health insurance plans such as long term care, disability, and travel insurance. They will not protect you from the individual mandate’s fee for not being insured, but they can be paired with a major medical health insurance plan in order to give you more benefits or fill in gaps where your plan does not cover you. You may hear these insurance products referred to as ancillary benefits, and they can be bought independently from a health insurance plan, or in addition to one.

What networks and doctors will best meet my family’s needs?2019-07-11T14:15:29+00:00

Your network and the doctors you can use will vary on your insurance provider and plan. We will help you tailor a plan that is best for your health and your wallet.

Is it better to be on exchange or off?2019-07-13T02:20:35+00:00

We work with you to determine where you should shop for coverage. If you qualify for a subsidy and choose to use it on your health plan, then shopping on-exchange is your best option. Roughly 3.5% of the population in the USA qualify for financial assistance. If you don’t qualify for a subsidy, the advantages of shopping off-exchange are substantial. The number one benefit of shopping off-exchange is greater plan choice.

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