How old should I be before I let my Life Insurance Policy lapse?

Should I be covered until I’m 70? 80? What about 90? This is a common question I get asked, and to be truthful, there is not a single answer that is right for everyone. In general, especially for “men” (because of life expectancy) I like to TARGET having and paying insurance to extend to age 85! This is of

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Why Young Adults Should Tackle Estate Planning (and How to Do It)

Why Young Adults Should Tackle Estate Planning (and How to Do It) In your 20s and 30s, estate planning might not be among your top priorities. After all, if you have kids, are building your career, and/or already feel like you have more responsibilities than you can handle, it can be difficult to imagine adding one more thing to

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The 3 Essential Types of Life Insurance Explained

There is a tremendous amount of policy options and variations all sold under the title of “Life Insurance” that leaves many people with very little coverage or understanding of their coverage. However, by understanding the basics of Life Insurance you can become an informed customer and make sure your loved ones are protected. MB Health is here to help

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