Which Small Companies Should Add Health Insurance Benefits?

Which Small Companies Should Add Health Insurance Benefits? Eventually, the question comes up in almost every small business: should we add health insurance as a benefit for our employees? If you have a small business and you haven’t sat down to work out the right answer to this question yet, one day you will. Actually, the basic decision

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Why do we charge a fee for Enrollment?

Why do we charge a fee for Enrollment? Because we work for you- not the big insurance companies A question I hear often is: ‘Why do you charge a fee? I could go to another broker or an insurance provider that signs me up for less – even nothing!’. Our answer is simple: our fee means we work

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How old should I be before I let my Life Insurance Policy lapse?

Should I be covered until I’m 70? 80? What about 90? This is a common question I get asked, and to be truthful, there is not a single answer that is right for everyone. In general, especially for “men” (because of life expectancy) I like to TARGET having and paying insurance to extend to age 85! This is of

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Why Health Insurance just got way cheaper

The substantial drop in Health Insurance Premiums, explained. When the American Rescue bill passed in March 2021, you might have gotten a stimulus check for $1,400.  You probably thought that was the best and last thing you were going to get from this massive bill. You would be wrong if you get Health Insurance through the Marketplace right now,

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The Insurance Plan 95% of Small Business Should Have Right Now

Let’s get down to it. ‘MEWA’, or the ‘Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement’ is our most recommended health plan for a Small Business in Missouri. If your small business has 2-50 employees, this health insurance plan is almost always the best for you (with a few exceptions which I will cover below). I haven't seen lower rates than MEWA's in

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Why you need a good Health Insurance Advisor – Even if it’s not us!

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The first wealth is health”. While we don’t disagree, often unless you have a good insurance plan, Wealth is Health. We have all heard stories of someone being charged thousands of dollars for a simple surgery, having to navigate piles of paperwork, or wondering how to afford medications they need. Many changes in our

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