When You Leave a Job Must You Take COBRA? (And More) – Dan Jung’s interview on the Paul Cook Podcast

After having an appointment with our Dan Jung to discuss his personal health coverage, local radio host Paul Cook decided that more people needed to hear what Dan has to say about Health Insurance. We couldn't agree more! You can listen to the episode here:

When can you change or enroll your Health Plan? (Medicare or Marketplace)

Are you enrolled in a Medicare plan and want to change it? Not sure if you can enroll in a Health Insurance Marketplace plan through the Affordable Care Act for the first time? Wanting to change your health insurance coverage? This Flow chart can help you know if you can do it now. We made this flowchart to simplify

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Getting Health Insurance for the first time, with Dan Jung

Dan Jung has been working in Health Insurance in St. Louis for the past 20 years. He explains the approach he takes when helping someone get Health Insurance for the first time. Whether you just turned 26, lost you coverage from a job, or got married, his approach to your Health Insurance is similar: putting himself in your shoes.

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