Regular Medicare or Medicare Advantage: How to Choose

Everything or anything that we might explain about insurance is generally available through Google or the Internet. However, do you know how to translate that information to your situation specifically? That can be a challenge. That’s where the services of an independent agent or agency would be very helpful. 

On that topic, what are the differences or advantages, or how do I decide to use a Medicare supplement or enroll in a Medicare HMO, or a Medicare Advantage plan that’s available in my area?

That can be a very complicated discussion. 

Factors to Consider as You Make Your Decision About Health Insurance 


Here are the top factors to apply:

  1. What are your own personal economics and your own expectations? What is it that you want for your plan? Do you want a plan that gives you no network so that you can go anywhere, or are you okay using a network within the Medicare Advantage plans? So the consumer’s expectation is a very important parameter.

  2. A second one is pure economics. To enroll in a Medicare supplement, you also need a separate prescription drug plan. It costs an extra premium to have those enrollments. The enrollment to a Medicare Advantage plan is a zero premium other than what you will continue paying for Part B. The Part B premium is charged by our government, and that you pay no matter which decision you choose. But the Medicare Advantage world in general, in the Missouri or St. Louis area, are zero-premium enrollments. So that’s just an economic factor.

    So number one, the consumer preference. Number two would be just pure economics—the affordability of being insured.

  3. A third key category would be your prescription drug use or your prescription drug needs. In general terms, the Medicare Advantage plans have increased coverage. They’ll cover more of that expense than a stand alone prescription drug plan. It’s got some extra benefits. So sometimes out of pure economics of the cost of my prescriptions, I want to use those plans.

Other Points to Consider as You Choose Health Insurance 

However, there are other points that need to be considered. Such as do I need dental coverage or vision coverage? Or some supplemental issues.

But those are the three key areas. I would suggest you make a personal visit with an agent and discuss this in a little more detail. But the Medicare Advantage is a definite and a very good option.

If you need help considering all the points of Medicare or its supplements, call us at (314) 544-5400 or visit our website at

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