Small Businesses: Is It Time to Offer Health Plan Benefits?

Today I want to talk about small businesses and whether or not it is time to offer health plan benefits. I sit with a lot of groups that ask, “When do I offer healthcare plan benefits?” This is the question I hear the most.

The employees come to me and say, “Man, I really could use healthcare. Is it something that my company can offer?” Or you’re the employer sitting there asking yourself, “How am I going to get good employees? How can I attract people to come work for me? How can I stay competitive with my competitor just down the road that does the same thing that I do?”

Health insurance benefits can be a big part of that and can be a real good benefit. But you have got to be careful. It’s very strategic when you choose to move into that world of health insurance benefits because it’s not a small expenditure.

Knowing When It’s the Right Time to Offer Health Plan Benefits

If I’m a business owner, I’ve got to have money over here and money over there, and if I’m going to offer health insurance, I want to make sure that I’m doing it right. I don’t want to come back two years down the road and tell my employees that now I’ve got to take the health insurance away. I did it too fast. I jumped into it as opposed to moving into it properly.

That’s where having an agent like myself here at MBhealth Insurance Agency go over it with you is so valuable. I’m sitting there with you side by side. We’re talking through all these things that you’re experiencing and why you want to offer it to those employees.

But it doesn’t end there because once I determine what we’re going to do, I don’t expect you to go and tell the employees. Just because I wake up every day loving health insurance, I’m assuming you don’t. I want you to focus on what you love to do, and I focus on what I love to do.

That means I take this to the employees, I talk with them, I get some feel for what they need out of the benefits package, and then we see if what you and I strategized about is still correct, or should we redo it a little bit? 

Making Your Dollars Do the Most Work For You

Building a plan is deductibles, Health Savings Accounts, supplemental plans, and contributions. How are we going to make all these dollars do the most for us, not just as a group, but for the employees also. And so that’s just a negotiation throughout the whole process.

When you get to that point and you say, “Man, I think it’s time to offer health plan benefits,” I need you to also know that you do not want to do it alone. Reach out to me here at MBhealth Insurance Agency by calling us at (314) 544-5400 to look at your options.

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