What to Do About Health Insurance Before You Turn 65

What do you need to do when you are about to turn 65? That’s when you will become Medicare eligible. So in those prior 12 months, what do you need to do and when?

Getting your health insurance coverage at this age is much simpler than the average consumer may think. Still, some basic simple guidelines may be helpful. 

About six months before turning 65, that’s when you just want to sit down and have a general conversation with an insurance agent. At that point, you’re already receiving offers in the mail. You’re going to need to have a general game plan.

Completing Your Medicare Application

You’re going to want to have a Medicare application completed within three months of turning 65. A lot of that can be done online. Any one of us has access to Social Security through the official Social Security Administration website: ssa.gov. You need to  create a login consisting of a username and password. Many people can apply for Medicare right there. 

If the process requires you to go into a Social Security office, it’s fairly simple. You can make an appointment, but much of this is done without going to the office and talking to somebody.

Your Medicare ID Arrives—Then What?

Once you’ve completed your Medicare application three months before you need the coverage, Medicare will issue an ID to you. Then, you want to discuss with an insurance agent what Medicare coverage you want to have. You’re either going to stay in traditional Medicare as your primary insurance, or sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan.

This is also a very simple process except for persons who may have VA benefits, or those already on Medicare disability, or similar situations.

For those just turning 65, this recommended schedule applies for those of you who are still working full-time.

If you’re 68 years of age and still have full-time benefits, I would have this basic conversation with an insurance agent about six months before retirement.

When you’re ready to have that talk, give MBhealth a call. We’d be happy to explain your options to you. Call us at (314) 544-5400 or fill out the form on our contact page to get in touch. 

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