How Hiring a Health Insurance Consultant Can Save You Money

At MBhealth, we’re not actually health insurance agents or brokers although many people think we are when they first meet us. We’re actually health insurance consultants. What is a health insurance consultant, and what do they do?

A health insurance consultant handles people’s confusion and questions. Health insurance is confusing for most people. They feel nervous about committing to any particular plan because they don’t really know if they are getting the best deal. Health insurance consultants know what questions to ask and what answers to provide.

Health insurance consultants work for the individual, not insurance companies. Sure, there are websites where you can go to sign up and you’ll end up with health insurance. You can just fill in answers to their questions and sign up for whatever plan they choose for you. But that’s like going to TurboTax to do your taxes. There are benefits and advantages that can decrease premiums and increase benefits if you know what to look for. But these websites aren’t looking out for you. They are working for the interests of the insurance companies and themselves.

Consultants can zero in on the best health insurance plan quickly. The right insurance for you depends on many factors such as taxable income, which practitioners you want to see, current prescriptions, and current or predicted medical needs. A consultant knows just what information is needed to select the right plan from the dizzying number of choices.

They know the laws. There are so many laws affecting eligibility for coverage or when a person is allowed to enroll. Without enough knowledge of these laws, many people can miss benefits or savings available to them. So, they may not get the best coverage. A good consultant is thoroughly versed in the laws.

They understand enrollment periods. If individuals miss enrolling during open enrollment, they may not know the qualifications for enrolling at other times of the year, during the Special Enrollment Periods. Even when a person thinks they are eligible to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period, they may not know how to verify their eligibility. A consultant can help a person meet all the right deadlines.

They can make the process so much more painless. Many people spend three hours or more trying to decipher health insurance limitations, regulations, and options and are still confused at the end. A consultant collects the exact information needed to make the right choice, and then can explain why that is the best plan for the individual.

Basically, he’s like a good neighbor! Think of a health insurance consultant as a knowledgeable neighbor who has nothing to gain by steering you toward any particular insurance plan. He’s just going to share his experience with you to help you choose the best plan possible. With impartial and educated advice, you can be sure to get the right plan with the best company plus the best subsidy, if you’re eligible.

A health insurance consultant like MBhealth works for you and only you, not for any insurance company or government agency. We help individuals and small businesses cut through the red tape of enrollment. Our consulting fee saves you time, anxiety, and very often, money. In most cases, a one-time fee enables you to meet your needs for a whole year.

Are you challenged by needing new health insurance or a different plan? Give us a call at (314) 544-5400. We can help. That’s what we do, every day.

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